Simple Money Saving Tips

02/08/2009 17:49

Ever wonder how quickly you pull money out of an ATM to only find out, several days later or even hours, your wallet's empty again.  Try these simple tips to keep money leaving your wallet.

  • Create a daily, weekly, monthly expense log.  Track your expenses in the log to see where your money is going.
  • Review your log to see where you can cut out unneccesary expenses
  • Skip on spending for unneccesary things (new shirt, jeans, video game, etc.)  Wait for xmas or your bday.
  • Pass up on the fastfood.  Start packing lunch instead. 
  • If you are going to have fastfood, ditch the drink.
  • In a parking lot, dont waste time circling to find a spot close to the building entrance.  Just find a spot and walk. 
  • Stay away from the unhealthy snacks and soda.
  • Eat at home for dinner instead of going out.
  • Look for sales/coupons but only purchase items you need.  Just because there's a sale on ice cream it doesnt mean you have to go out and buy it.
  • Limit your driving.  Carpool if possible.  Walk/Bike if possible. 
  • Try to perform your errands on one driving run instead of several.