Simple Valentine Ideas

02/02/2009 23:49

Its that time of the year again.  Valentines (V) day.  Out of ideas?  Here are some simple ways to express how much you care: 

  • Make breakfast for her/him
  • Pack lunch for her/him
  • place post-it love notes in their bag/lunch/jeans
  • Send them a V e-card
  • Create/cook something new together
  • Get him/her a V card
  • Recreate your first date
  • Be creative and write a V card
  • Send her/him a V text early in the morning
  • Create a dinner/dessert menu together
  • Make the dinner/dessert together
  • Take him/her out for ice cream
  • Win her a stuff animal
  • Take the day off together
  • Be thoughtful to one another (simple doors, pulling out tables, compliments)
  • Tell him/her, I Love You