Namo Falls Botanical Park

Waters Falls park in Santa Rita.  Deep within the southern jungles of Guam lies Namo Falls Tropical Garden, located in Santa Rita, featuring two waterfalls each on opposite ends of the park and an abundance of tropical florals included in the tremendous variety of plants like mangoes, breadfruit, coconut, star-apple, jackfruit, bananas, hibiscus, bougainvillea, orchids and a large variety of gingers and heliconias. The adventure-some can travel along the layered path enjoying its lush jungle growth before reaching the pool of the Grandmother Falls. Others will enjoy the soaring trees and flowering shrubs before walking down to view the lower- terraced Grandfather Falls and cool off in its freshwaters.

Type Park
Location Santa Rita
Hours of Operation 10am-3pm daily
Telephone Nos. 671-565-1587